Annual Letter to NACC North Members

A lot has happened at NACC North in 2018.  We are now finally the highest levels in Norway and already have access in Minnesota.

  • In collaboration with our partners the Consulate and Norway House we have hosted and organized two visits from Official Norway.

  • We have met high-level officials in the foreign ministry, who now understand why Minnesota matters to Norway-US relations and bilateral trade growth.

  • We hosted a week’s worth of learning journey for a leading Norwegian company looking to Minnesota for a US expansion in partnership with Norway House.

  • We have met the Norwegian Minister for Trade and Industry twice (once in D.C. and once in Norway) and laid out the plan for a more formalized collaboration between Minnesota and Norway.

  • A long-time active member, IKT Telemark, established a relationship with Minnesota High-Tech Association whereby a delegation of Norwegian companies visited in November as part of the annual Tekne Awards.  We hosted several meetings for the companies to pitch their software technologies.

  • We have established connectivity and potential partnership with Nordic Innovation (innovation arm of Nordic Council) within their Smart City initiative which has a focus on the Twin Cities.

  • We arranged a meeting for economic development representatives from the City of Oslo to meet Mayor Frey and staff to explore partnership model.

This is a lot of activity for a small volunteer driven organization. We punch above our weight, largely through extensive networks, professional experience and partnership organizations.  Much more to come in 2019.

Ole Koppang

President NACC-North

Ethan Bjelland