Nordic Gala in Duluth

On October 20, 2012, the NACC-UMW was invited, along with the Mayor of Duluth and the Consul Generals of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland to attend the Inauguration of the new Nordic Center in Duluth, MN.

To celebrate the event, Duluth Mayor Don Ness proclaimed the day “Nordic Heritage Day”

This new non-profit will bring together all things related to the various Nordic cultures, including those of the Sami, and form Greenland. The Center’s goal is to “trancend the traditional ethnic barriers” that so often make cooperation difficult.

The event also allowed the NACC to inform about our mission of providing bilateral commercial ties between the United States and Norway. Information was also provided about the chambers of Sweden and Finland.

The well attended festivities were hosted and held at the newly renovated building of the Nortun Lodge of the Sons of Norway, who provided a variety of singing, dancing, music and traditional Nordic food and desserts, all home made and equally delicious!

Ethan Bjelland