NACC Executives head to Norway

Several NACC-UMW executives are this week heading to Norway to participate in the continuing celebration of the Reciprocal Troop Exchange between the Minnesota National Guard and the Norwegian Home Guard.

Paying their own way, the group will be hosted by the Norwegian Home Guard to dinner at Akershus Fortress overlooking the Oslo harbor, visit Kongsberg Defense Industries, and tour Rjukan, the location of the Vemork Facility that produced heavy water for the Nazis during WW II in their attempt to produce an atomic weapon.

The highlight of this visit will undoubtedly be the personal visit and tour with Joachim Ronneberg, the leader of the Norwegian commando raid that critically damaged the facility, halting production of heavy water. The raid on Vemork has been made into several feature films and the topic of numerous books.

The NACC-UMW will be conducting several business meetings while in Norway, including meetings with the U.S. Ambassador to Norway, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Oslo.

Ethan Bjelland